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Medical Student Rotations

Junior/Third Year Students:

M-3 Ambulatory Medicine Clerkship – DFCM

Course goals and objectives

  • Strengthen interpersonal/communication skills with patients
  • Strengthen H&P skills and the need for focused H&P’s for common problems
  • Develop skills in generalized problem solving
  • Become familiar with common problems in primary care
  • Understand the scope of family practice
  • Appreciate continuity of care

Required Activities:

  • Team Based Learning sessions given by the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin (on Tuesdays)
  • Pathway activities on Thursday afternoons
  • Clinic Sessions at Waukesha Family Practice Clinic
  • OB or inpatient Call Day
  • Morning Report (Tuesdays and Thursdays), Journal Club, Patient Safety Conference, High Risk OB Conference

Optional Activities:

  • Home Visits
  • Nursing Home Visits
  • Teaching Service Rounds
  • Newborn Rounds with Obstetrics rounding
  • Colposcopy Conference

Senior/Fourth Year Students Sub-Internship:

Students spend time with teaching service at WMH. Optional activities: nursing home visits, practice management activities, attend educational conferences.

Learning Activities:

  • Participate as sub-intern in the daily inpatient teaching service rounds at WMH.
  • Attend semi-weekly teaching service conferences and present patients.
  • Independently perform and document Histories and Physicials, inpatient managment and discharges

Evaluation Criteria:

  • History and physical exam skills
  • Understanding of the role of psychosocial factors in illness and patient compliance
  • Understanding of the role and tools of the effective family physician
  • Ability to formulate an appropriate patient assessment and effective treatment plan.

Senior/Fourth Year Audition Elective:

Time at WFPC: Approximately 20 clinic sessions for one month. The students are scheduled with their faculty member whenever possible when he/she is in clinic during that month, plus other optional activities (TS, OB, educational conferences).


  • Independently take patient history and perform physical exam.
  • Display appropriate communications skills, including respect/empathy for patients and clinical staff, and understanding of cross-cultural issues.
  • Obtain Clinical experience and familiarity with local full-spectrum Family Medicine at ProHealth Care1

Learning Activities:

  • Offered as a 2 or 4 week electiv through VSAS
  • Time is spent working in the full spectrum of family medicine
  • Opportunities include Clinic Sessions, Addiction Managment, Inpatient Adult or Newborn/Obstetric Management, Nursing Home Care, Home Visits, and Free Clinic opportunities

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