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PGI Residents

Sara Berry
Edward Via College

Professional Interests:I chose family medicine because of my broad interests and the applicability of public health in family practice. My particular interests include adolescent medicine, sexual health, addiction medicine, and public health. I love that family medicine will allow me to get to know my patients and see the whole family!

Personal Interests:In my free time I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, board games, anything Harry Potter or Parks & Recreation related, and traveling. As a new transplant from South Carolina, I'm looking forward to exploring the area!

Richard Dao
University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine 

Professional Interests:

I enjoy meeting patients from all walks of life and building lasting relationships with them. I am interested in full-spectrum care with an emphasis on outpatient adult and pediatric medicine. Particularly, I would like to work primarily with underserved populations in either rural or urban settings.

Personal Interests:

In my freetime I like to read, hike, play tennis, and assemble IKEA furniture. I love pets. I have two cats, Mimosa and Margarita. I hope to one day get a dog and name it Mojito. If you have any pets, I will love yours also.

David Leinweber
University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine

Professional Interests:I choose family medicine because I enjoy the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with patients and be able to care for their family. My special interests in family medicine are sports medicine and addiction medicine.

Personal Interests:Outdoor activities: Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing, Backpacking Other interests: Packers, Badger Sports

Abigail Miller (A)
University of Illinois at Rockford, College of Medicine

Professional Interests:Family medicine is the best specialty! I love the daily variety, the continuity care, and the interaction with my patients and their families. I'm interested in full spectrum family medicine, including rural health, in-office procedures, obstetrics care, and community health.

Personal Interests:Family is very important to me so I like to spend most of my free time visiting them. I enjoy baking as a way to relax but I'm the happiest when I'm doing something outdoors - running, hiking, camping, riding a horse, or just going for a walk. I love visiting the mountains but I'm looking forward to exploring the hills of Wisconsin!

Bria Prososki
University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine

Professional Interests:I chose family medicine because I enjoy building a relationship with my patients and their families. I particularly enjoy women's health, pediatrics, preventative medicine, sports medicine, and dermatology.

Personal Interests:I enjoy exploring new places with my husband and our 2 dogs. I also like refurbishing furniture, baking, and playing soccer.

Blaine Stott
Kansas City University Osteopathic

Professional Interests:I am passionate about helping each of my patients achieve the highest level of wellness by promoting healthy living and disease prevention. I believe in order to make someone truly healthy you need to treat the whole patient (bio/psycho/social). I feel that osteopathic manipulative medicine can aid in the bodies innate ability to heal itself. My special interests include practicing full-spectrum family medicine in a rural or underserved area and abroad.

Personal Interests:I enjoy several outdoor activities including: swimming, biking, running, fishing, and golfing. I love visiting new places, meeting interesting people, and trying new things, both locally and abroad. I also have a large family that I love spending time with.

PGII Residents

Anjali Best,
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University

Professional Interests:My favorite part about family medicine is being able to take the time to get to know your patients, and being able to follow them and their families longitudinally. My special interests in family medicine are obstetrics, pediatrics & adolescent medicine, and addiction medicine.

Personal Interests:I love traveling whenever possible! I also enjoy spending time with my husband, family, and friends, shopping, exercising, and laying in bed watching tv!

Kelsey Bierdeman,
University of Illinois at Rockford, College of Medicine

Professional Interests:I love all areas of medicine, hence the reason I chose family medicine! My favorite part of being a family medicine physician is getting to develop long-term relationships with my patients, and being able to take care of the entire family from infants to grandparents. One of my specific areas of interest is naturally family planning.

Personal Interests:I recently got married, and I am enjoying life with my husband in our new home! We are new to the area, and love discovering the fun Waukesha has to offer, including local restaurants and outdoor activities.

Jaclyn Hastings, Rural Medicine
University of Illinois at Rockford, College of Medicine

Professional Interests:I am passionate about Family Medicine because it's the first line of defense against illness and injuries. The family doctor must identify problems early and intervene, which is both challenging and rewarding. I also appreciate the close doctor-patient relationships formed in family medicine. Being from a small farming town in Illinois, I have a special interest in rural medicine and full-spectrum family medicine.

Personal Interests:In my free time, I enjoy thrifting, fixing things, and playing fetch with my Abyssinian cat, Eva. Given more time, I like to visit friends or head down to my family's house in the sunny Florida Keys to fish, bike, paddle-board, and listen to live music.

Michelle Hofmeister,
Medical College of Wisconsin

Professional Interests:What I love most about family medicine is the relationship and partnership with patients. I felt this was the best field to be able to communicate with patients to help them understand their health needs, and for me to create an open and safe clinical environment for patients to make their needs known. I am passionate about women's health and mental health, and family medicine is a terrific field for addressing these interests. I'm hoping to learn more about public health and policy to be able to address these passions not just as a clinician, but at a big picture level as well!

Personal Interests:In my free time I love staying active with dance and yoga, reading and writing, knitting, golfing, attending Wisconsin sports events and exploring all Milwaukee has to offer, spending time with family and playing with my 2 cats, Meat Loaf and Sweet Potato.

Stephanie Jones,
Medical College of Wisconsin

Professional Interests:I was drawn in by the specialty of Family Medicine through the quality patient relationships that come with having continuity of care with my patients, but also by the wide scope of practice a Family Physician can offer to their patients. My specific areas of interest include Women's Health and maternity care, in-office procedures, and community health particularly in regards to chronic disease prevention and other preventive care services.

Personal Interests:When I'm not working, I enjoy staying active in many different ways- hiking, running, and playing volleyball and other sports. I like to find new ways to be creative with cooking, and also enjoy spending time with family and hanging out on the couch with my cat!

Jessica Miller (j),
University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine

Professional Interests:I enjoy many areas of medicine but am especially interested in women's health and obstetrics, pediatrics and sports medicine. Prior to medical school and residency, I worked as a humanitarian aid worker for several years and remain passionate about public and global health. I am excited to practice full scope family medicine in rural Wisconsin and internationally!

Personal Interests:Anything outdoors! I especially love to hike, backpack and kayak - my husband and son are great hiking buddies and we're always looking for new national and state parks to explore. I also love to travel and experience new areas, foods and cultures.

PGIII Residents

Heather Koch, Community Health/MPH Mastery
Medical College of Wisconsin

Professional Interests:

I value understanding the patient's whole picture, including socioeconomic, cultural, behavioral, and emotional aspects. Public health and preventative medicine are great passions of mine, and I'm enthusiastic about learning full spectrum family medicne in diverse settings both locally and abroad.

Personal Interests:

I love exploring new places, whether it's a new hiking trail in Wisconsin or a country across the world. Being from Arizona, I've loved discovering the beautiful lakes around Milwaukee (and acutally being able to be outside in summer). My free time is spent staring at my cat, getting outside, or planning my next adventure.

Michelle Morgan,
Toledo University School of Medicine

Professional Interests:

In practice, whether its treating condiitons or preventing them, my goal is to do whats best for my patients. I strive to provide thoughtful and up-to-date medical care while being open to new and emerging techniques and treatments. I plan on practicing full-sprectrum community family medicine with hopes to conitue working with hispanic populations both home and abroad. I also have a specific interest in expanding my knowldege of not only traditional but alternative therapies for the treatment of chronic conditions and pain.

Personal Interests:

When I'm not practicing medicine you may find me with friends and family and/or outdoors biking, kayaking or playing tennis. I also enjoy travellng, sketching, singing, baking along with practicing and reinventing family recipes (especially the Italian side of the family, the fiesty side).

Tyler Narloch,
Medical College of Wisconsin

Professional Interests:

I believe many different components contribute to one’s health, and I strive to treat my patients with their whole picture in mind with the most current and proven treatments. I enjoy setting personal health care goals and developing a plan to better help my patients achieve the health and lifestyle they want. My specific medical interests include: Preventative medicine, Rural Medicine, and Sports Medicine

Personal Interests:

A true outdoorsman, you will often find me fishing the many rivers, lakes, and streams scattered throughout Wisconsin, snowmobiling the vast trails of the northwoods, or honing my archery skills. I also enjoy watching the Packers, Badgers, and Blackhawks.

Laurie Potratz,
Medical College of Wisconsin

Professional Interests:I chose family medicine because I love getting to know my patients and caring for them through all stages of life. I enjoy full spectrum family medicine and preventative care.

Personal Interests:I enjoy spending time with my husband, our daughter, and cats. I love the summertime in Wisconsin on the lake, especially waterskiing. I also enjoy quilting, baking, and cheering on the Packers.

G. Carter Ward,
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University

Professional Interests:I really value being able to sit down and talk to my patients, getting to know each one on a personal level. I believe this allows me to treat my patients in the most meaningful way while continuing to maintain a strong relationship. I'm interested in rural medicine and preventive medicine. Neurologic conditions are also of particular interest to me.

Personal Interests:During my time off I enjoy spending time with my wife and our still growing Rhodesian Ridgeback. I also enjoy watching my hometown team, the Chicago Cubs win. The occasional Bingo session is always a possibility.

Jennifer Zeman, Women's Health Major
University of Iowa, College of Medicine

Professional Interests:

I enjoy every aspect of medicine, which is what made family medicine a perfect fit for me, but I’m very passionate about women’s health and obstetrics. Ever since deciding to be a doctor, my dream has been to practice family medicine in a small town back in Iowa and be able to keep a busy clinic as well as do obstetrics. I am also interested in international medicine and speak Spanish, so I am hoping to do some work in Spanish speaking countries during my time here, as well as working with the Spanish speaking patients that come into clinic!


Personal Interests:

I love to travel (Ireland is my favorite so far!) and explore new places. I also love to ride my bike and am looking forward to checking out Milwaukee’s trails. To unwind I embrace my inner old lady and crochet and knit, read a good book, play board games with my friends, and take naps. I geek out over Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars and I’m always looking for a new series to dive into

PGIV Residents

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