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Making You A Great Physician!

Our passion is to provide a medical education that will help you become a unique and highly successful family medicine physician - one who skillfully leads the health care team to provide awesome family centered care and community service.

Our vision is to create a continuously improving, innovative environment that emphasizes

  • The full breadth of this specialty, from pediatrics and obstetrics through geriatrics
  • Life-long learning, with growth plans and individualized instruction
  • Critical thinking including evidence-based practice and teaching
  • Behavioral health, emphasizing the bio-psychosocial-spiritual model of care
  • Cultural competence and interpersonal skills
  • Quality measurement that enhances outcomes in practice
  • Our team of innovators includes all residents, staff and faculty.
  • Collaboration of highly effective health systems (ProHealth Care and the Medical College of Wisconsin) fuels our residency’s consistent record of growth and excellence

Our Educational Goals

  • To produce competent Family Medicine Physicians who demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes across the breadth of Family Medicine
  • To create an atmosphere where residents develop therapeutic relationships with their patients
  • To forge graduates who are professional, service oriented leaders of their community
  • To build an educational environment that is evidence-based, innovative, and driven by quality and safety
  • To construct a community that is dedicated to well-being and fun
  • To emphasize and encourage the practice of full-spectrum care by our graduates

"Waukesha is a great, broad-spectrum Family Medicine training program, and I continue to appreciate the depth and breadth of training that I am receiving."

Dr. Michael Brenner

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