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High Volume, High Quality

Waukesha Family Medicine residents participate in 4 blocks of obstetrics training, gaining valuable experience with low- and high-risk pregnancies. Since the Waukesha Family Medicine program is unopposed and training takes place in a high-volume community setting, our residents are precepted by residency faculty, community Family Physicians, and community obstetricians. Residents participate in 94% of the approximately 2400 vaginal deliveries per year at Waukesha Memorial Hospital, and ultimately graduate with over 120 deliveries. Residents experience vacuum-assisted deliveries, forceps deliveries, and act as first assistant at c-sections. Some residents have gone on to obtain c-section privileges.

Nationally Recognized Faculty

All of our fulltime physician faculty are trained in obstetrics. Our faculty speak to national and international groups on obstetrics as invited speakers. Our program is at the forefront of Evidence-Based Medicine in obstetrics, and has introduced innovations to Waukesha Memorial Hospital, including the active management of the third stage of labor. Finally, our faculty are frequently asked to serve on multi-disciplinary groups to help foster better communication and optimal patient care.

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO)

We run our own Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics course (ALSO) course in-house, which is attended by other providers in the region. Four of our faculty are certified ALSO Instructors. Each of our residents takes the course in the fall of their first year. This course enhances resident obstetric skills and makes them more comfortable handling emergencies on Labor and Delivery. During each block of obstetrics training residents have a review and hands-on test of ALSO principles and have the opportunity to teach junior residents, helping to solidify their skills in ALSO and in teaching. Residents have successfully managed shoulder dystocia and postpartum hemorrhage, and routinely cite the ALSO course as having increased their confidence in these situations.

"We have a ton of autonomy. Our patients are our patients. Faculty are here to support our decisions and not to make them for us."

Dr. Katie Gesch

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