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The Majors and Masteries Program

Click here to see the basic schedules of the various majors and masteries. Keep in mind that these are somewhat flexible, and many residents choose to build their own individualized major tailored to their specific interests.

What is the majors and masteries program?

The “Majors and Masteries” program provides a flexible training program, allowing residents the freedom to pursue individual passions while achieving and maintaining excellence in the core skills that comprise Family Medicine’s broad mission. This program provides traditional rotational experiences as well as innovative longitudinal and project driven experiences that train future family physicians to be self-directed lifelong learners, with expertise in both patient-centered care and systems-based practice.

What is a major?

A major is an area of concentration or expertise that you will develop during the traditional 3 years of residency. You will have about 6 months of your residency dedicated to advanced training in your areas of interest. This will give you time to gain the skills necessary to bring something special to your group or community. Every resident chooses a major and options for a major include Community and International Medicine, Sports Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Women’s Health, Traditional training, or an individualized major. Individualized majors developed by past residents include focuses on Outpatient Medicine, Rural Medicine, Geriatrics, Urgent care, and Alternative/Integrative Medicine.

What is a mastery?

A mastery is for those who want to get advanced training or degrees. A mastery will extend your residency to 4 years and will allow you to gain skills and experiences that are very difficult to achieve in 3 years. Also, those gaining a mastery will graduate with a MBA or a MPH or may complete a surgical obstetrics fellowship within our residency.

Do I have to do a 4-year program at Waukesha?

No, you certainly do not. You will choose either a major or a mastery depending on your interests.

Why would I want to do a 4-year residency program?

  1. Get a salary while getting your MBA or MPH
  2. Obtaining special skills or credentials not easily achievable in 3 years. This will make you more marketable and more valuable to your patients and your community.
  3. You will train in your area of specialization while maintaining your skills in general practice. Doing a fellowship or MPH means a year of working towards your advanced degree, and during this time, your core skills could diminish. Under our model, you will continue learning and practicing your core skills throughout all 4 years of training.
  4. Staying in the same place and working with the same team – Not only will you not have to move, but you will not have to get used to a different system, a whole new set of specialists, and a whole new set of faculty with different expectations.
  5. Finishing in less time – In our model, you will often complete your residency and advanced degree in less time than it would take to complete them both separately.
  6. Possible tuition support – Though not guaranteed, all of our 4th years have received some tuition support

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